Cesar Chavez Peaceful Resistance Essay

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Throughout history individuals who engaged in peaceful resistance are often considered or are called mischief, trouble makers, rough e.t.c. But if they have not engaged in the action we wouldn't have evolved into the society we are today. When it comes it comes to civil disobedience some may say it is a big part of peaceful resistance and others may oppose to it but they truth is wouldn't this be affecting our first amendment “the freedom of speech”. Can we truly have a freedom of speech when we can not express ourselves. I think that peaceful resistance is a form to express oneself like how Rosa parks, Cesar Chavez, Bree and the Confederate flag and so much more attempted to do.
Rosa parks an african american women who was just really tired
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Cesar Chavez a mexican American farm worker who is best known for Latino American civil right activist. Cesar Chavez was considered to be violating civil disobedience because he was involved in an issue that was not supported by the state. Just because something is concealed doesn't mean it can not be unraveled, in this case american labor movement. Chaves used nonviolent tactics which can also be considered as peaceful resistance, he used this in establishing what many wanted to keep dormant. He indeed succeed and that change made America a better place to live.
We have so many reports of civil disobedience in our recent days, one being Bree and the confederate flag. Bree Newsome and the confederate flag is a major issue in south carolina and all of united states. Bree took the confederate flag down one saturday morning in south carolina because she felt it was what the SC legislature has thus far neglected to do. Now the confederate flag is a symbol of white supremacy that inspired the massacre (she quotes) and others may say confederate flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression. The truth is why is this an issue?, first of all what is flag made up of? The answer is a piece of cloth. And people are debating about a piece of cloth rather than important issue like word hungry or religion. Bree used peaceful resistance to make her point although she is still debating we will have to watch and see how the outcome,
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