Cesare Beccaria And The Criminal Justice System

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Cesare Beccaria was seventeenth century writer, who wrote about his views and opinions of the criminal justice system. One of Beccaria 's beliefs was that the court system and laws should be used to keep safety and order. In order to make the judicial system better, Beccaria wanted to fix the corruption of the judges. In addition to this, Beccaria believed that knowing you would get punished was better than knowing that the punishment were terrible. Another of Beccaria 's beliefs was that the punishment should fit the crime. Due to this, Beccaria wanted to put an end to torture and the death penalty, sayinging that they were unnecessary and cruel. In addition, Beccaria also believed fast trials and in ending secret trials. Overall, Beccaria 's beliefs were really important, even influencing the founding fathers ' writing of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Like Locke and some other philosophers before him, Beccaria’s beliefs had a great impact on the United States. Now, when we look we can even see some of Beccaria’s beliefs demonstrated in Vermont laws. One Vermont law that supports Beccaria’s beliefs is the law on bribing public officers or employees(13 V.S.A. § 1101). This law clearly states that people can not give any type of gift, offer, promise, or other bribe to any “executive, legislative or judicial officer, or to any employee, appointee or designee of any executive, legislative or judicial officer, or to a person who is a candidate or
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