Cesar's Closet Reflection

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Community service is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. I realized this most when I began volunteering at my school's clothes donation center, Cesar's Closet, named after the labor organizer and civil right's activist Cesar Chavez, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association. Cesar Chavez was well known for his community service. He did farmers a great service fighting for them to get a fair wage for their hard work. This is why my high school was named after him. And why Cesar's Closet was proud to name their center after him. It is as though I am making Cesar Chavez's legacy live on by volunteering at Cesar Closet. At Cesar's Closet I organize the clothes that is donated and hang them up by size and color for easy access. I volunteer Tuesdays and Thursdays…show more content…
I have anonymously donated clothes to join the cause and have donated my time. I wish I could donate more. But the students that come in always show such a great deal of appreciation. They have no idea how much I appreciate helping them and seeing them feel special. They no longer feel self conscious because their parents could not afford to buy them new clothes so they have to wear the same limited wardrobe each week. Instead they can come in and pick out a large quantity of outfits and every Tuesday and Thursday. This organization is such a blessing for many students and I would not trade my experience there for anything in the world. I also volunteer at my school library form time to time. I have always adored reading. So my freshman year of high school and beyond was spent checking out multiple books at there. I heard one day that they needed volunteers to come in during the morning of the school days. So I began volunteering there each day that I was able to. Community service is a big deal at my high school. Mainly because like this essay mentioned earlier it is one of the ways that students here honor Cesar Chavez and spread his

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