Cessei Lannister Character Analysis

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Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister is depicted as a horrible person, one who is ambitious, ruthless, petty and cruel, and is willing to sacrifice anything other than her children to bolster her own power.
She is also the only “villain” in the series whose point of view is shown in the novels, whereas the other “villains” are explored in a way that makes them seem more sympathetic and compelling,[1] Cersei’s chapters only confirm the idea that she is an unhinged, vindictive, selfish, and spiteful woman.[2]
Yet Cersei is also one of the most intricate, interesting and detestable characters in the series. One simply needs to dig deeper into her motivations to find the compelling details underneath.

Cersei as a character is far from a feminist. However, she is fascinating to examine from a feminist perspective, because her entire life and much of her personality is effectively a reflection of the misogynistic nature of “Westerosi” society. She’s an ambitious woman who has had to fight against limitations her whole life, and who has become hard, cruel and bitter as a result.
Even as a child, Cersei is portrayed as bold and haughty, bordering on cruel. She tormented Tyrion, her dwarfish younger brother, fearlessly put her hand into a lion’s cage, and challenged a witch to tell her future despite how terrifying she seemed to her. Young Cersei is magnificent character, she is fearless and defiant, destined for greatness, the traits commonly found in protagonists in the genre — but

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