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• CG 4.1 How do you ensure that families are kept aware of what 's happening in their child 's daily/weekly life in your program? I make sure that families are kept aware of their child’s life on a daily and weekly basis by providing them with the information from their child’s day on a daily report. I also make sure that I communicate with them both positive and negative things are their child’s day. I want to keep a healthy relationship between myself and the child’s parents and to do so I need to communicate with them about their child’s day. I also provide parents with pictures and descriptions of all the different activities that we do in our classroom. I try to explain to the families about what their child liked and disliked about each activity. Another avenue that we like to do to keep families in the loop about what goes on in our classroom is our newsletter that we send out to parents that has information about their child and what we have done in our classroom. • CG 4.2 How do you ensure that you are aware of what 's happening in each child 's home life? How does that awareness direct your teaching practices? I try to stay educated on every child’s “home life” by communicating with the child’s family. I…show more content…
I believe that communication, trust, and professionalism are the three most important factors when it comes to maintaining positive and productive relationships with all of the families. Communication is the glue that holds us together because parents want to know and be educated on their child’s developmental progress. Trust is the foundation of our relationships because honestly, without trust, we wouldn’t have relationships to begin with. Last but not least, Professionalism is very important because it helps keep the relationship focused on the most important thing; the
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