Chaarismatic Leadership In The Leadership Style Of Adolf Hitler

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Introduction According to Klein and House, charisma “resides not in the leader but in the relationship of some leaders and subordinates”(1995). In short, charisma revolves around the affiliations between the individual and the people surrounding him. Charisma has been found to have been a talent possessed by selected individuals, as the word originated from Greek, meaning “gift” (Conger and Kanungo, 1987). Throughout the centuries, many leaders have been found to have led their people through charismatic leadership, namely Steve Jobs, Barrack Obama and many others. It’s been found to be fundamentally different from the other forms of leadership methods, which would be further explored in the essay. This essay would look into the definition and concept of leadership, before further looking into one of the theories surrounding charismatic leadership proposed by Conger and Kanungo. It will then looking into the charismatic leadership style of Adolf Hitler and understand how he was a charismatic leader, and thus wrap up the essay with a short summary. Page Break Leadership In 2009, Conger, Kanungo, Menon & Mathur summarised leadership into the three stages as such: The first stage is an ongoing assessment of opportunities and constraints in both the internal and external environments to determine the organisation’s direction. The second stage is a formulation of the direction of formal strategies and goals and their articulation for the organisation’s membership. The
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