Examples Of Chauvinism In Animal Farm

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Chauvinist Pig Psychology

A “chauvinist pig” was a term coined by Second Wave Feminists to refer to men with power, who openly expressed their misogynistic beliefs. In Animal Farm, the story revolves around farm pigs with real chauvinist mannerisms and ideals. Animal Farm is a complex allegory used to describe the Russian Revolution, with pigs turned obscenely corrupt at the sight of power. Pigs are used as a metaphorical representation of real life greedy politicians, who used any means necessary to get themselves what they wanted.

According to psychology, greed derives from inconsistency, neglect, or abuse. The animals in the farm were beaten, starved, and overworked under Jones's ownership, which leads to their hatred and fear for humankind. While it’s not rational or fair to declare Napoleon’s rise to corruption natural, it does mirror the psychology behind wrongful leaders like Hitler, Stalin, and Castro. Like them, Napoleon once found himself powerless and vulnerable, and when given the opportunity, he fixates
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Power is entirely about influence and freedom to act upon one’s will. Humans are corrupted by power and greed because of the selfishness and narcissism that exists within everyone. While almost all leaders mean well, every politician’s true motives and goals are applying their ideas to the world. This becomes a problem when others don’t speak out against damaging, wrong ideas, especially when absolute power exists and there are no means of communication between parties. Napoleon perfectly characterizes a totalitarian regime, similar to North Korea’s. He existed as a Supreme Leader, allowed himself to do everything and failed to provide for his society. With all that power, there is no room for other thoughts or
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