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Question four: Fitness tests and methods of evaluation applicable to Chad Evermore Chad Evermore’s choice of sport is golf. Golf is a sport that involves long walks around the golf course that typically has eighteen holes. A golfer is expected to be able to carry a weighty golf bag that contains wood and iron clubs as one traverses the golf course. Even though caddies and carts are present, they are deemed a luxurious choice whose employment depends on the golfer. Chad’s resting heart rate per minute of 80 for a 55 year old male is slightly below average considering he regularly exercises. Therefore, the following tests are necessary considering Chad Evermore’s golfing and his age.
• Run/Walk Test – This test will measure the consistency
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Question six: Nutritional strategies and supplement recommendations Chad is already in a laudable physical health for someone at 55 years old. Therefore, the typical three meals a day is adequate, but he can include two smaller snacks in between depending on the day’s schedule. Although supplements are not necessary, Chad can include them in his diet. They include:
• Casein rich proteins – Foods or drinks containing this nutrient will be handy, especially in post workout recovery. They are to be taken in during the night as this is the time their metabolism is most effective.
• Fish Oil – The Omega 3 contained in it aids his vision, lubricate the joints, and aids the intestinal system.
• Multivitamin – Vitamins are vital for anyone undergoing a training program like Chad. Therefore, taking multivitamins will ensure that his daily vitamin requirements are met irrespective of his day’s
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Wednesdays - Reverse Superman (10 x 3), Lying Leg Crossover, Quad Stretch.
Month 2 Mondays - Chest Press +5-15% lbs (10 x 3), Incline Push-ups (15 x 2), Bicep Curls +5-15% lbs (10 x 3).

Wednesdays - Hanging Leg Lifts (15 x 2), Swiss Ball Oblique Crunches (20 x 1), Squats (15 x 2), and Walking Dumbbell Lunges (40 x 1).

Thursdays – Rest.

Fridays - Dumbbell External Rotation +5-10% lbs (10 x 3), Reverse Fly +5-15% lbs (12 x 3),
Seated Row +5-10% lbs (10 x 3), Chin-ups (6-12 x 3). Tuesdays - Double Knees-to-Chest, Kneeling Hip Flexor, Backswing stretch, Pec Stretch, Knee-to-Chest, and Posterior Capsule Stretch.
Month 3 Mondays - Flat Bench Press (10-8-6 x 3), Triceps Press down (40 x 1), Barbell Preacher Reverse Curls (15 x 3), Incline Push-Ups (30 x 2).

Wednesdays - Walking Dumbbell Lunges (60 x 1), Leg Press (12-10-8 x 3), Swiss Ball Hip Raise (20 x 3), Hanging Leg Lifts (16 x 2), and Kettle bell Squats (12-10-8 x 3).

Fridays - Rest Tuesdays - Spinal Twist Stretch, Double Knees-to-Chest, Pec Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Gluteus Stretch.

Thursdays - Seated Trunk Flexion, Seated Hip Rotation Stretch, Posterior Capsule Stretch, and Lateral Flexion with or without physiotherapy

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