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Kindness: the Ultimate Help-All

In Chaim Potok’s The Chosen, many characters come into play. Some pass through in a couple chapters, while others stay and lend their minds to close scrutiny. Many of these characters come from different worlds. Billy helped Reuven get through his stint at the hospital while waiting for an operation that would hopefully fix his blindness. Mr. Malter, Reuven’s father, guided Danny in expanding his reading horizons and seeking out interesting material. Mr. Savo cheered up a little boy who desperately looked to a new, unknown medical treatment to cure his blindness. Mr. Malter, Billy, and Mr. Savo all demonstrate kindness throughout the book, and this benefits both themselves and others.

David Malter, respected
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In the hospital, Billy was quiet and courteous towards Reuven. Even when his operation approached, an event with the power to change his life, Billy held on to his serenity.”It’s a new kind of operation.”(47) He showed kindness to Reuven by getting Reuven’s mind off of his own temporary blindness. Billy calmed Reuven and showed him what patience looked like. Billy was kind to Reuven and helped him undergo the hospital ordeal.

When Reuven stayed at the hospital, Billy kept up his spirits. Who helped Billy? A boxer known as Mr. Savo. This man seems rough around the edges but was all kindness when it came to Billy. He knew Billy’s operation played a major role in the boy’s happiness and always spoke cheerfully to Billy about, “giving him that three-rounder I promised.”(46) He supplied Billy with a goal after the hospital. He gave Billy hope through his kindness.

Kindness towards others helps both recipient and the contributor. It puts a smile on a frowning face. These people all aided others through their kindness. In some cases they might never see that person again but they know they have made a strong friend. Mr. Malter, Billy, and Mr. Savo all supported others in their world using their kindness, the simplest way possible. Now go help someone in your
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