Chain Management Paper

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The document provides a brief overview of Chain Management used by organizations world over for implementing the change in process to maximize returns. The document is designed to assist new users to understand the basics of chain management, its implementation process and various models used worldwide.
Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations to a desired future state (Kotter, J. 2011). In simple term, it is used to define a controlled approach for implementation of change in process, activity to obtain desired results. Its goal is to maximize productivity by minimizing mistakes caused by confusion or outage of technology or process shortcoming. It involves taking a proactive
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It includes organizational structure assessments, stakeholder assessments etc. This help in understanding the challenges which may come during implementation of change.
• Time Frame and Scale: The other critical aspect is the time frame and scale of implementation of process change. This shall involve critical analysis of impact of the same on services during the time frame and how steep it will change working style of employees.
• Organisational Strength and power of change management team: Assess the strength of change management team. It should involve assessing the capabilities of members of the team with ref. to their ability to manage different problems and lead in various situations. It should also assess the power entrusted with change management team, which are required for taking key crucial decisions.
Plan the roadmap: Based on goal set by organisation, present system is analysed. If there is a need desired for change in technology or process for achieving the same, step by step analysis of the system need to be done. A proper roadmap for the implementing the change should be planned which shall involve the
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If the output is not as per the desired input, a detailed analysis of the results must be done. Feedback from employees must also be taken. Success and failure must be identified and keynotes based on that should be taken care off in future projects.
• Rewarding success: With the achievement of each milestone, the success of same must be celebrated and key involved person must be rewarded. This will enable the desire for working on the new system and thus leading to further success of the system.
• Organizational change management (OCM) is a structured approach in an organization for ensuring that changes are smoothly and successfully implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved. That is easier said than done.
Change Management Models
There are various change management models which have been developed and used worldwide. Since all the models provide a particular set of guidelines to follow, along with defined expected results, use of any model is dependent on organizational requirement. This is helpful because change is difficult to implement and manage.
Here in this report, most used models are discussed in brief. The various model differentiate by the way of implementation.
Lewin’s Change Management Model: This model was created
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