Chain Of Command Analysis

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Many people have heard of human trafficking, yet many people just turn a blind eye to the issue. In a sense that if it is out of sight it is out of mind. Which is why we need a response team for the individuals who are able to move past these experiences and make it out on top. They need help as well as support. The problem is many of the victims of sex trafficking are stuck and do not know how to get out. It is hard to say if they are being held against their will or if they are their on free will. This is where it becomes difficult because we cant help these people if they are not ready to leave the life and receive help. How we can address the problem is by having specialized individuals respond to a call or a situation and give these victims…show more content…
This will consist of the major people behind the scenes of the team to help conduct the business side of it. These individuals along with the volunteers will be able to come together as a team and make an impact in our society. When working with so many different people and of course the survivors we will be in contact with we have to take into consideration many different emotions, stress, trauma, and disabilities. As a strong team I do not want us to fail because we are unable to help one another through difficult times. We are all human and many of us go through many life challenges. Just because we are their to help human trafficking victims this does not mean we will not go through many issues in our lives as well. We have to take this into consideration and understand every day will not always be the best day. With this said this is where we can collaborate as a team to help each other with our own battles as well. Many of us get stressed and emotional throughout the days and well, this is where I want to be able to incorporate wellness activities to be able to keep everyones wellness in check. We want to accommodate everyones need, so this include disabilities people are currently living with. With the proper resources and help from he community we will make sure everyones needs are met. Like mentioned before as well we will provide a range of counselors for our volunteers and workers as well because we know they will endure some major trauma. This falls right in line with their wellness and ability to live through the
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