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Organizational structure is the typically hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, rights and duties of an organization. Every company have its specific goals and objectives toward which they work. Specific employees must oversee and control the flow of work to meet crucial project deadlines. The purpose of organizational structure of Public Bank is to establish the operation and assist the organization to achieve the organization goals and future growth. Organizational structures are subdivided into 3 types such as divisional structure, functional structure and matrix structure. Divisional structure is usually used in larger companies that operate in a wide geographic area to cover different types of products while functional structure is the organization which is divided into segments based on function when managing to enhance the efficiencies of functional groups. Matrix structure is a hybrid of divisional and functional structure and is necessary for big organization with various…show more content…
Public Bank is a centralization organization. A centralized organization directs its authority from the top management down through hierarchal channels with only a few top managers in charge of overall decision making. Decisions of upper-level manager are significant for organization. Public Bank houses its primary decision makers or executives in a central headquarters with offices and meeting areas for leaders to discuss. Public Bank is a large organization and the environment is stable. The lower-level managers are not capable at making decision as
Upper-level managers. Public Bank has easy coordination. When decisions are made at a high level, there are no alternatives voices create a distraction, so it’s easy to ensure that everyone acts together. Conflict will be reduced because when only one person or a small group at the top makes important decisions, companies experience less conflict and dissent among lower to

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