Chain Of Evidence Examples

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Chain of evidence is a string of events which, when viewed in sequence, account for the actions of a person during a particular period of time or the location of a piece of evidence during a specified time period. It is usually associated with criminal cases.
John Floyd was charged for the murders of William Hines and Rodney Robinson at a bench trial before Judge Jerome Winsberg in January 1982. Mr. Hines and Mr. Robinson were murdered the same way on Thanksgiving in 1980 within a mile apart from each other. Both of the victims were both homo-sexual who apparently had consensual sex with their killer before being stabbed to death in the neck and torso. Police had found two half-filled whiskey glasses at both of the crime scenes, as well
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Crime labs today have things like techniques and tools for finding and, preserving, and analyzing fingerprints. We have powders; powder is cleaned over the prints. Particles adhere to the print and can then be lifted off with tape. Carbon powder can be utilized on light surfaces; aluminum powder can be utilized on dim surfaces. Powders are speedy and but not always easy to use determining what kind of surface the print is on. We also have things to take blood samples, analyze hair samples, test DNA samples, Laser printers and photocopiers, and techniques to determine, shoe, hand and other impressions. Laboratories in the 1800’s had the not so modern version of techniques to the initially recorded utilization of addressed archive investigation. They also had the advancement of tests for the vicinity of blood in a measurable setting. A slug examination used to get a killer. Another thing they had was the first utilization of toxicology (arsenic recognition) in a jury trial. The advancement of the first precious stone test for hemoglobin utilizing hemin gems. They also had the advancement of a hypothetical test for blood. Other things that they had been the first utilization of photography for the distinguishing proof of culprits and documentation of confirmation and wrongdoing scenes. In the 1900’s they had similar techniques they had more furnished ways of doing things but were very
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