Chains Laurie Halse Anderson Character Analysis

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Throughout the novel Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson there are many different conflicts within the book such as freedom, abuse, and the war between the Patriots and the loyalists. However the conflict that is the most consistent throughout the book is Isabel's care for her sister Ruth and the things that get in between the safety of her sister. Isabel and Ruth have to go through a lot of abuse from Madam which is their slave owner since they are slaves. Many things hjappen within this household that threaten Ruth's safety such as fear that she will be sold, beaten or mistreated in anyway because of possible poor performance with chores around the house. This makes Isabel search for any possible opportunity for freedom for the well being of herself and her sister. She does this by doubling as a spy and exposing information from the Locktons in hopes to get them arrested so they will achieve their goal of freedom. This conflict seems to be a man vs man since Isabel is…show more content…
There are two Major conflicts which are Johnis fighter his own will tryhing to find the inner leader he is Chosen to be. During his journey he is paired u p with others by the name of Darsal, Billos, and Silvie. At the beginning of the book they are sent out on a test mission to recover cati from a desert. During this mission the three others do not enjoy Johnis' company and treat him very harshly because of his overall appearance. On this mission they get interrupted by the Horde who are their enemies. While trying to escape Johnis meets these Roshes which are legendary creatures. These creatures tell him he is destine to be a leader and save the world. From here there are two Major conflicts which are man vs man and man vs supernatural. Johnis has to convince his teammates to follow him to save the world. Along with that, Johnis also needs to stop supernatural creatures from taking over the
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