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Trees literally have been the building blocks of society in our nation from the early settlers to the modern civilian of today. It’s common knowledge that we use wood to build our homes, to establish our fishing docks, to create arts and crafts, and help us prepare our food. We even use wood to keep our homes warm on cold nights. We already know where wood comes from, but who brings us the wood that we take everyday for granted, and what do they use to bring it to us? We’ll examine a tool called a chainsaw, and how it co-constitutes the lives, of the lumberjack in accordance to their social class, gender, and work environment. The time period’s we’ll focus on will primarily be the 1800’s - the 1900’s, with references to further back into the…show more content…
In 1945 the chainsaw replaced the axe and handsaws for the lumber jack. The chainsaw reduced the amount of physical demand on the human body that was required of the axe. While the being a lumberjack still required a lot of physical demand, the amount of energy used in the body was reduced. Before the chainsaw the lumberjack burned about 4000 calories a day. The chainsaw helped co-constitute the gender roles of the lumberjack ( along with the developing societal factors). The increase in motorization in the field allowed for more versatility with who was able to do the work. The portable chainsaw allowed the loggers to cut down 200 trees per hour. The chainsaw was revolutionary for logging, it changed the social dynamics of the trade, and vastly improved efficiency. The chainsaw and all the other technology that was developed for logging did come with a price…show more content…
The chainsaw has also shown to create a deeper environmental impact as due to its efficiency. And while being a logger today is still one of America’s most dangerous jobs, it is now done with more control, and stability thanks to the chainsaw. The chainsaw helped to establish a sense of organization and progression within the field of logging. Gender equality in the workplace and a better sense of control over potentially hazardous situations. This isn’t saying that the chainsaw perfected the working conditions of the logger, as it still remains one of the most dangerous professions in existence, but the chainsaw has withstood the test of time. And will continue to shape this profession and this social

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