Chaka's Effect On The Family

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Abandoned and silenced, she is the residue of her cries. With Chaka’s abandonment of the family, the burden that the family has does not get easier. Amina now deals with the imprisonment with Uzi. Uzi was sentenced to ten years in Arizona. Back at home she deals with Malo as he finds guidance in the streets. The wrong guidance which introduces him into drugs, weapons and violence. The effect Chaka has on the family makes it hard for everyone to live up to his expectations. The lack of parental communication that Chaka has is not healthy for the family. Without communication it makes it hard for everyone else to understand how he feels. Adding to the stress with his arrogant ways, by not communicating, but instead leaving. The disappearance of Chaka affected his entire family, despite his apathetic ways he stated “The day I left I believed that I was making the best decision I could.…show more content…
. .] I have never wished your mother any harm or ill [. . .]” (222). Regardless of his ability to be a good father figure, Chaka claimed that it was never his intentions to hurt his family. Even though his disappearance did hurt everyone in the family, everyone learned a lesson from it. Amina, who is doing much better with her life. Yet Uzi still being in jail but learning from his mistakes. Finally, Malo, who eventually got his life together and stop letting his father’s actions take over his life. Buck is a powerful memoir about a teenager’s rebellious journey through the city’s urban decay without having any parental communication or guidance while dealing with his father’s
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