Challenger Explosion Research Paper

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Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion The Challenger Space Shuttle, one of the most anticipated shuttle launches, was the first mission to ever include a teacher astronaut. Christa McAuliffe, the teacher that was going on the shuttle along with six others, was supposed to broadcast lessons around the country from space. Sadly, all the excitement and joy came to an end shortly after the launch. The mission marked the first time American astronauts lost their lives. One of the worst disasters of manned spaceflight is the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion(3), which was caused by a combination of natural and man-made issues, and had a permanent effect on safety and regulations of manned spaceflight. The mission had been rescheduled multiple times. It was originally scheduled for January 22, but it was postponed…show more content…
Another cause for it was that the Morton Thiokol had overruled their own engineers. If they had listened to their engineers and had waited to launch Challenger until the weather had warmed up, the explosion would have never happened. An effect from the explosion, was that NASA was required to come up with a new design for their shuttles, hoping to eliminate the chances of having another disaster like the Challenger. The Challenger Space Shuttle explosion was one of the worst disasters ever in manned spaceflight. It was the first in which American astronauts had lost their lives. The engineers had voiced concern, but nobody listened. Just 73 seconds after the launch, the Challenger exploded, shooting debris 20 miles above earth, and killing the 7 crew members, including the teacher astronaut. I have learned about what caused the Challenger to explode, and all the effects that came after. I now have a detailed and in-depth understanding about one of the worst disasters in the history of manned
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