Challenger Mission Essay

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The astronauts on the Challenger mission were aware of the dangerous nature of riding a complex machine such as the space shuttle into space, so they can be thought of as having given informed consent to participating in a dangerous enterprise.

What role did informed consent play in this case? (5 marks)

The airplane pilots weren't informed that engineers complained about the form, but were completely rejected.

In this case, the consent form only gives them a general indication about the problem; it doesn't give a clear explanation of what is wrong.

They weren't told about the known danger that already happened.

Do you think that the astronauts had enough information to give informed consent to launch the shuttle that day? (5 marks)
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complacency of NASA engineers and managers played in this story? (5 marks)

Although they knew there was a problem, they didn't fix it, and they allowed the airplane to fly. Moreover, they didn't inform the passengers that something was wrong.

How different are personal ethics and professional ethics? Have you found this difference to be significant in your experience? (5 marks)

Personal ethics refers to a person’s morals, values, and beliefs. It is based on dealing with people and situations in our daily life.

However, professional ethics refers strictly to following certain rules and principles. It is based on business dealings and peoples’ interaction in professional life (industry).

Not really did I find a difference, for I believe that life is a mixture of personal and professional ethics.

What are the roots of your personal ethics? Discuss this question with a friend and compare your answers. (5 marks)

I believe that the root of my personal ethics is my childhood upbringing; distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. According to my friend, she believes that religion is the root of her personal ethics, and I agree that it’s one of the main roots of any person’s personal

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