Challenges And Impacts In Homer's 'Apollo'

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I will finish checking my essay, and unpack my evidence throughout the essay.

Throughout the essay “Apollo”, the significance for a adolescent to recognize themself in other person is explored and the challenges and impacts that get faced. This is shown through the use of overthinking, actions, text and dialogue. Which in the case of the essay the main character, is trying to discover who he really is, without making his conservative parents notice the “indecorous” behavior.

Reason 1 During his childhood the main character suffered a terrible impact. He always felt the pressure to not disappoint his parents. This mostly consisted in academical work such as reading a book. Infact during the essay the main character seemed to have pressure while talking about a book, because he was” ordinary” , “basic”. This is proven throughout texts in the essay; “Throughout my childhood, I worried about not being quick enough to respond when they spoke to me. “ .“I worried, I did not care for books”. “I read books only to satisfy them, and to answer the kinds of unexpected questions that might come in the middle of the meal. “ “ I sensed my parents disappointment in the way they glanced at each other when I spoke about a book. “ For a child to feel like his/her parents a disappointed can ruin a relationship. Infact the choice of words may either enhance or diminish family connection. This impacts might have been the reason why he kept a big part of him underground. He was

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