Challenges And Issues In Human Resource Management

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HR management is adopted by various agencies since it is considered to be beneficial. In fact, the challenges and issues and agency encounters are usually dealt with by the human resource department all the while carrying out other responsibilities. The article Challenges and Issues in Human Resource Management by Palistha Maharjan mentions some key challenges that HR managers encounter regularly. Make that Grade: Human Resource Management by Linda Reidy (2015), along with some other articles, have helped to strengthen the impacts of these challenges as well as identifying some strategies that can be used for HR managers to overcome them. It is also important that HR managers identify the issue before addressing it in order to minimize its…show more content…
HR managers have the duty to manage employee training within and outside the workplace (Maharjan, 2017). Thus, they are required to establish which training programs are most suitable, their objectiveness and effectiveness, and their cost. Since these aren't always easy to manage, finding out the issues the training has and "making a clear roadmap" of the training can be a challenge (Maharjan, 2017). Hence, as Chand points out, "a planned execution of training programs" will bring about the best outcome of job performance by improving the abilities and knowledge of employees. Chand also mentions that compensation should be paid in accordance with the performance of the worker; as well as a letter of appreciation in order to keep up the morale of the people. This is considered to be fairly important since such feedback will have an impact on the work of the employees (Chand, n.d). So, according to Chand, it is essential for HR managers to make use of a high-quality scientific appraisal technique suitable for the changing needs. The online article Human Resource Management Challenges (2015) also mentions productivity "as the measure of the value that an employee can add to the final product or service of the organization." Thus, "maximizing profit and minimizing cost is the essence of productivity" (Maharjan, 2017). The advancement of productivity will result in a more successful company. Hence, other than ensuring a high productivity level, HR managers are expected to present an analysis of the situation and coming up with a conclusion if the results are poor. According to Maharjan (2017), this could be either because of "inefficient employee or inadequate resources". Which can be fixed trough either training or recruitment of new staff members, or through alternative resources (Maharjan, 2017). Making sure that the
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