Challenges Face Teachers In The Present Scenario

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CHALLENGES BEFORE TEACHERS IN THE PRESENT SCENARIO By Aisha Islam Lecturer, SCERT,Delhi “….A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Henry Adams Introduction A good education system is fundamental to the growth of a nation and it is of paramount importance for a country like India which is growing, to reflect on our present education system and incorporate sustainable changes in it, to make it compatible with the global dynamism. One of the most important components on which the quality of education system depends is the teacher. From the most comprehensive 1986 National Policy of Education to the…show more content…
CCE is aimed at grooming students academically as well as shaping their attitudes, beliefs and values. It helps the teacher to organize effective teaching strategies. Continuous evaluation helps in regular assessment to the extent and degree of the learner’s progress. During our visit to one of the government schools for observation, it was seen that the teacher was even not even aware of the basic concept behind CCE. CCE thus requires that all teachers be trained and adhere to the implementation of the same assessment methods, else the system is liable to suffer from many…show more content…
They have a great responsibility and have to face many challenges in the classroom. In order to meet these responsibilities and face these challenges with confidence, teachers need support and help. A coordinated effort is required at the teacher education level for addressing these challenges .The teacher training organizations in particular can play an important role in supporting competency development in preparing the teachers to face these challenges through both Pre-service and In-service teacher training programmes. . The SCERT, Delhi plays a major role in sensitizing the teachers to face such varied challenges like Gender Issues, Substance Abuse , Inclusive Education etc. through all its teacher training programmes, in which they have been included as an important component. Similarly, such components should also be included in the pre-service training programmes as part of their curriculum and they could also be given assignments during their teaching practice sessions in schools to work upon such issues and get exposure to face such challenges which they come across in their forthcoming professional

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