Challenges Faced By Expatriates Essay

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At first, for the expatriate on International assignment, it may seem like a great experience; but later may perhaps find it difficult to get the job done and also adapt to the new life abroad.
It is important to note that the most common challenges encountered by expatriates includes;
Culture shock
Learning the dominant local language (Language barrier)
• Getting a place to live
• Making new friends
• Taking care of finances and healthcare
• Ability to express themselves freely (dress wise)
• Finding a school for their children.
However, for the purpose of this study, we shall examine the broader cultural issues and challenges expatriates may face when conducting international business assignment in Brazil, India, and South Africa.
Brazil for instance, now represents the fifth largest market opportunity in the world after China, India, Indonesia and the
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Among other issues, are unavailability of water and electricity supplies can be unreliable and frustrating, poverty and unemployment are abundant, Crime and theft can be a problem.
India has an unmatched diversity and a contrasting character that can be fascinating; the expatriate may face some culture shock while conducting business in India. Bureaucracy for instant is one major issue that expat may face, the process of getting things done takes a lot longer that it would be in the west, processes often seem inefficient. Also culture of work, compensation rates, working conditions, religion, competition, work permits and other issues. More so, there have been some recent significant changes to the Indian immigration rules which are affecting expatriates on assignments in India. It should be noted that India appears to be one of the hottest destination with an increasing demand of professional traveller’s positions

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