Challenges Faced In Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Before every student enters high school they are told “you won't make it out with your same friend group” and every student replies “yes we will, we’re different”. The challenge I have faced is just that, losing the friends I thought would be there forever. In The Odyssey similar events take place for Odysseus multiple times, though some could say that Odysseus does not lose his men until they are killed by Zeus. The challenge I faced is similar to Odysseus’ because he and I lose friends to inappropriate behavior and tough decisions.
At the beginning of freshman year my friends and I were like sisters, then a group of them decided to mess around and I wanted to stay away from it. Therefore, we lost something in common and started to drift apart. While on Odysseus’ journey they stopped on the island of Circe, there his men were acting like pigs. Circe did not appreciate what his men were doing and so she turned them into pigs. Just like I lost my friends to inappropriate
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She made a poor choice and I chose not to be around that kind of behavior. Consequently i have now lost every one of my middle school friends I swore would always be my best friends. Lastly, Odysseus men were trapped on an island and were starving, they made the decision to eat the one thing they weren't suppose to touch. The sun god, Helios was furious, he asked Zeus to punish the sailors. Zeus stuck them all with a bolt of lighting and killed all, except Odysseus. Odysseus, like me, finished the journey “but not with our friends”. (855) In The Odyssey, Odysseus faces many challenges and repeatedly loses the men in his crew. First, he loses them to Circe when they're turned into pigs, then six men were killed by the monster Scylla, and lastly Zeus killed the remaining men. Like Odysseus, through out my journey known as high school, I have faced many “heavy losses” (841) due to bad behavior and heartbreaking
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