Challenges Of Higher Education Essay

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Higher education refers to the kind of education offered in post-secondary learning institutions which mainly include colleges and universities. Higher education is also offered in learning centers such as seminaries and institutes of technology. The aim of higher education is to produce individuals who are useful to society and their respective nations. In the institutions offering higher education, learners are equipped with skills and knowledge which makes them useful to the Labour market. Although this is main aim of every learning institution offering higher education in the third world countries, they perform this important role amidst a number of challenges. Following is a detailed discussion of the challenges facing higher education in the…show more content…
The universities can therefore use the extra funds to expand their infrastructure so that they can be able to accommodate the high numbers of students who are thirsting for higher education. Another way of solving this problem is by partnering with Non-Governmental Organizations and other non-profit organization who can assist these universities and colleges in expansion and bettering facilities and infrastructure. Again the government should demand that the management of these colleges and universities to account on how they have spent the funds allocated after every year so that embezzlement can be curbed. The issue of low number of professors and faculty members can be solved by increasing their remuneration. This will serve as motivation to the few who are already in the field and will encourage others to further their studies so that they can qualify to work in various universities and colleges. If the number of lecturers and professors increases, the issue of serving in more than one institution will end and quality of education and research in various fields of study will
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