Challenges Facing Human Rights

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Globalization has posed so many challenges in the way of human rights in all over world. India is also facing the challenges of globalization in terms of human rights violation. Due to liberalization, privatization and globalization the human rights of workers, women, children and tribal are under question. Large number of displacement of tribal people, exploitation of works, low rate of wages, worst work condition, women and child trafficking, environment degradation and polluted rivers are some issues which can recognised as human rights violation in our country. Human rights issues that arise include displacement, the poverty of rehabilitation, and often, the impossibility of rehabilitation, the impoverishment that results from displacement, the non-reckoning of cultural and community identity and of rights, what constitutes development has come into severe question in country. Due to these issues, the several violent and non-violent protests have risen. The Land Acquisition Act 1894 has been at the centre of protests. Maoist insurgents, a violent protest, operate in 10 states and claim to fight for the rights of the marginalized tribal, Dalit, and landless communities. Governance has often been weak in regions where the Maoists have found popular support, with economic development- related corruption and illegal mining severely limiting the revenue available for public services and infrastructure in many of the areas.

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