Challenges In Amy Cudd's Presence Essay

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Reading Presence by Amy Cuddy makes to believe there are much more dealing with same challenges. The more I read, the more I learn about our mindset, listening, failure, feeling as we don’t deserve to be here, feeling powerful and powerless. There’s are a quote in a book which states “ Power makes us approach, powerless makes us avoid.” When we think about positive things and having a positive outcome than we are more chance of approaching. While I was reading a passage on power and powerless, It made me think of time during my high school soccer tryout for varsity. Apart from your soccer ability, coaches also look for confidence and your willingness to take a chance even if it makes you look like a fool. That year I didn’t make the varsity team because I wasn’t confident in myself. I hesitate to go in front of other players to try new drills thinking the outcome will be…show more content…
First, I would like to talk a little bit more about feeling powerless. Cuddy talks about a boy from Iran going from powerful to powerless when he didn’t get accepted in US top colleges. He felt powerless which followed by doing badly in local college. I am just surprised that one moment of feeling powerless takes our life different course. Another thing I find very surprising to me is that feeling like an imposter. This is a unique feeling I have not been familiar with until this course. What very confusing and surprising to me at the same time is this are mostly everybody. There is no gender when it comes to having imposter feeling. People who are highly educated who are attending big college, successful business, big actors also feels the same. Cuddy also talks about a guy who feels imposter when he receives more recognition. I never thought in that way or in that perspective, rather I think it would encourage more of doing
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