Challenges In Ged Grebby's Show Racism The Red Card

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After WW2, there has been a mass migration of foreigners coming to England for a better life. Some of them were able to blend in properly with the lifestyle, but for others, it has been a struggle. Considering that British Citizens were not fond of this migration, they showed racism towards the newcomers. In Gilroy’s novel, `There Ain’t No Black in Union Jack’, quoted from Errol Lawrence The Empire Strikes Back in 1982, “This group has made 'race ' into a synonym for ethnicity and a sign for the sense of separateness which endows groups with an exclusive, collective identity” (Gilroy 16). In order to stop racism in this country, Ged Grebby started the Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC), an anti-racism education charity aiming to educate people in England about racism and how to end it. Grebby is trying to lure famous male athletes to spread the message about racism, knowing that many people look up to them. Overall, this organization has been very successful that as years go by, they can end racism not only in Britain, but all over the world. All around the world, football (soccer) is a popular sport to play. One match alone unites people from other countries. When SRTRC started, their objective was to reach out to football players with the hope that they could reach out to their fans for support. The first athlete who made a donation was Shaka Hislop, who is a legend in football. Thanks to Hislop, he was able to spread knowledge of this non-profit organization to
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