Challenges In John Steinbeck's Mice And Men

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Imagine that everyone was doing hard tasks that prove to be risky and dangerous, and challenges soon rose around these difficult tasks. These tasks would be devastating and generate life decisions, such as the question: who would you save, who are you going to save, Do I have to save this person or can I run away from reality? What are the costs of these questions and what would everyone’s challenges be? Challenges are everywhere-they are significantly the hardest element everyone must go through. Without challenges, the world would be a place with no improvements and a futureless world. A futureless world personifies an undignified empty world that costs people to suffer. Many characters had already faced these types of challenges especially Jacob and George, but those two had always fought hard to fight the challenges they were facing. John Steinbeck and Patrick Carman had at least compared both George and Jacob as two different characters through the book Mice and Men and Thirteen days to midnight, but they had similar challenges through their temptations and its consequences, Its Relationships that cause troubles and their bravery to save the person they love. And these challenges will be shown.
George had always fought his temptations hard, but there will always be consequences hanging as a challenge. George had always thought of leaving Lennie for his own benefit. George thought that by leaving Lennie, he would have a much better life and would go on living and having
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