Personal Narrative: My Challenges In My Life

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Challenges Challenges are a part of my life, every day. Some better than the others. Personally my hardest challenges are isolating myself, having the family that I was born into, and how I close my eyes and have grim thoughts. My challenges are not things that I asked for but things that have been given to me. My challenges often drag me down and make me feel small. They will be overcome and I will be stronger in the end. I don’t mean to isolate myself from family and friends. Every morning I wake up and don’t want to get out of bed. So there I lay, staring blankly at my phone ignoring anyone who messages me. Not doing anything but feeling like I am doing everything. I want to walk down my stairs to just go and say “good morning” to my family, but I am glued. Glued to my bed as if a nail that has been hammered to a wall…show more content…
This is a challenge to me because, my family is everything to me and I want to spend as much time with them as possible. But whenever I’m with them, my mind stars to race, my hands start to clam, and my chest begins to thud so loud it could almost be mistaken as a continuous knock on the door. I become overwhelmed, not able to breathe one breath while my family sits around me, wagging their tongues. Whenever it comes to “family time” I’m glued to my room, as if there was a ghost with them. So there my body stays, in my room where I’m safe from facing reality, so comfortable feeling at peace. But don’t sleep. Thinking of all the things I’ve missed out on and will miss out on. Thinking how did this ever happen to me. How could I go from this wild girl always exploring to a girl who isolates herself from the world in hopes to never have to face it again. Drawing these pictures that are so pure to the truth
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