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Another issue we can relate in recreation management is environmental. In this situation, tourism can impact the environment and vice versa. In so many years tourism has been discussed as a threat to the environment. According to Ralph and John (1990) area with their natural attraction with be developed and recognize as a recreational or park area as a tourism place. It is crucial for good environmental planning and management for low impact and sustainable economic return. However, for the some reason, there issues and challenges exist and it cannot be prevented due the nature factors. One of the issues and challenges in recreation management in environment is depletion of natural resources. The depletion of water resources nowadays has already happening today due to tourism industry and for instead is golf industry in tourism. In recent years, the popularity and the courses of golf in tourism rose rapidly. Maintenance for golf course actually can deplete fresh water resources due to an enormous amount of water require every day. It can cause of excessive extraction of water and can occur scarcity of water. This can be more worse if the water coming from wells because of overpumping. This make…show more content…
tourist like to spend time in accommodation by water. Whether it is missing around in boats, swimming in the sea or, more prosaically, flushing the toilet, there is a potential for changing the marine or freshwater environment (Chris Ryan, 2003). These tourism activities will affecting the quality of water while we do not realize in and one of the activities is boating in recreation industry. Recreational boating will release hydrocarbon and another gas in nature by their engine. Widespread of this boat use in fishing, shipping, and also passenger small vessels. Other than that, it also can make the water oily because of the fuel incompletely burnt occur the traces of oil into

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