Challenges In School Education

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In the world today we are facing many different challenges and obstacles. One that stands out to me is the way our school systems are being run and operated. Also they way our students are learning and being taught. This problem is causing students to become very overwhelmed with the things that they are doing in schools and sometimes when these students are learning they are not fully understanding what is being taught and that 's because every person has a very different mind and way of thinking and processing things. But when all students are being taught the same thing there not all going to understand. I feel we need to try to individualize and specialize how these students are being taught. That way students aren 't saying to themselves “how come they understand but its not making any sense to me?” or “I am not fully understanding how to do this at all.” I can say personally that I have seen some schools taking action on this issue but not enough. This year in english we learned about a school that lets there students teach themselves. Sounds a little crazy doesn 't it? But in my opinion it’s a really great idea. Students got to pick a questions each week and had to research it. It made these students work harder because they were actually interested in what they were learning and they wanted to know what the answer to there question was. I feel changes like these are what’s helping to make school better.

One ridiculous solution I would suggest to bring attention to
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