Challenges In Spiritual Care

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Challenges in providing spiritual care
The need for spiritual care is clearly stated and identified for a holistic care; however, there are certain challenges that exist in providing spiritual care. It is believe that many healthcare providers including the doctors and nurses find it very challenging to initiate discussions or dialogs with patients touching aspects on their spirituality. Researchers had mentioned that, some nurses feel discomfort in having discussions on spiritual care as they do not see it as their scope of services or even as their role (Tiew & Creedy, 2010) . Some of the nurses find that such discussions are too intimate or interfering for them. A group of nurses stated that such discussions may possibly cause a degree of discomfort for their patients and in fact some patients or even the nurse herself may not have any personal spiritual or religious practices (Noble & Jones, 2010).
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However, now that she has had many years of experiences she is more open to such discussions. Getting back to Mrs. C, the writer felt that nurse A was not comfortable to discuss the topic on spirituality. Researcher had identified that majority of the healthcare providers are not comfortable in addressing the topic on spiritual, especially if the patient or even the healthcare provider is not religious or spiritual. At the same time, the topic on spirituality can be too personal (Anandarajah & Hight,
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