Tesco Competitive Advantages

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In these days, people are more interested in spending their time and money in shopping. All the time, customers are looking for retailers who provides high quality and unique products in low costs. In UK, there is many different grocery retailers competing with each other to be the leading one in the UK's market. Tesco, the top 10 supermarket chain which got a good repetition and it is a very well-known brand.
Tesco PLC is a British retailer with its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City in England. It was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. Tesco classified as the third largest retailer in the world, having more than 6000 stores. The first Tesco store was in London in 1929 with its first product a tea. Currently, Tesco is retailing a variety of products for instants: cloths, furniture and toys. The company used creative formats beside the traditional supermarket such as: Tesco Metro, Tesco Express and Tesco Extra. They have many
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Tesco has many competitive advantages that make different from their competitors like: online store, club card, having best supply chain and provide insurance, travels and loans. Tesco should focus on their own innovation instead of copying others on what there are doing. Also, Tesco should not compromise on products quality. Their customer will always be loyal to them as long they are maintaining their good products quality by buying from their suppliers in mass and reduce wastage activities. Finally, Tesco can form a strategic alliance with another company to improve their services. By improving their services, they will satisfy their current customer and also they can gain more new customers. I recommend the company to expand and open their stores in gulf countries, also expand more outlets in countries with a population overcrowding to attract more customers and increase profit. Also Tesco can forming a strategic alliance with another company to improve their

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