Globalization In Hospitality Industry Essay

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This report will present finding about the growth and challenges in Hospitality Service Industry for globalization. The first top issue that will be study is about the growth hospitality industry in Malaysia in term of hotel service. The hospitality service industry is fastest growing sector in Malaysia. To study about the growth hospitality industry, the key point should be identify is the factors that influence the growth of hospitality industry. The factors that influence of growth of hospitality industry include such as internal and external factors. Others than that, this report will identify the challenges in hospitality industry for globalization. The challenges that facing in the hospitality industry that will be include such
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This is because there a lot of people have described the hospitality industry in different ways. But, the hospitality service industry can refer to the one of a business. This sector has one of goals to generate profit with offering product and service to the customer. The concept of hospitality is the act of kindness in welcoming and looking after the basic needs of customers or strangers, mainly in relation food, drink and accommodation. A contemporary explanation of hospitality refers to the relationship process between a customer and a host. But the term of hospitality industry is referring to the companies or organizations that provide or offering food, accommodation and so on to the people who are away from home (Mackenzie, 2009). In others words, it also can be defined as the sector that includes all business that provides food, beverages and accommodation service to the customers. This includes such as bars and club, restaurants, hotel, pubs, contract catering and hospitality services (Rook, 2011). Others than that, the hospitality service industry also providers such as travel, health care, retail, business, executive dining and corporate hospitality, education, events like weddings and parties, concerts and so on. This means the hospitality service industry offering service to the customer to fulfil customers need and want. For example the traveller or tourist needs a room to rest which is provided by the hotel. It show that the hospitality service industry is one of the bigger sector in global. It means this sector has a lot of business branch that can obtain
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