Challenges In The Odyssey In Homer's The Odyssey

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“What of those years of rough adventure, weathered under Zeus?” (953). Odysseus, the main character, says this in The Odyssey, written by Homer. The epic starts off two years after the Trojan War, which Odysseus fought in for ten years. Now, Odysseus must journey home, which takes him another ten years. Odysseus faces challenges while going home and has some guidance along the way. Character archetypes like the Villain Figure, the Hero in Disguise, and the Mentor play a part in the epic by forming the characters and giving them “roles” in the story, which helps and hinders Odysseus on his journey. The Villain Figure plays a part in hindering Odysseus on his journey home. The Cyclops obstructs Odysseus’ journey home by causing him to be locked in the cave. “We…show more content…
“You see, then, [Odysseus] is alive and well, and headed homeward now, no more to be abroad far from his island, his dear wife and son” (1005). Penelope tells the suitors this after a beggar, who is really Odysseus, gives her information about her husband’s return home. Because Odysseus disguised himself as a beggar and told his wife that he was coming home, it helped delay the suitors trying to court his wife. Odysseus becomes the Hero in Disguise because it keeps his throne and wife safe from getting taken over. Odysseus once again becomes the Hero in Disguise while trying to escape from the Cyclops. “My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy” (961). Odysseus tells the Cyclops his name is Nohbdy so when he later stabs the Cyclops, the Cyclops will scream that Nohbdy is stabbing him. This aids Odysseus and his men because it lets them escape since no other Cyclopes came in and tried to stop him. Odysseus becomes the Hero in Disguise because he saved himself and his men. Odysseus being the Hero in Disguise helps him in both fighting the Cyclops and the Suitors during the epic. The Mentor also helps
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