Process Essay: Challenges In College

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1. In 1000 words or less, please describe any challenges in your college experience thus far and what steps have you taken to address these challenges. In your answer, please be sure to address any challenges in the following areas: 1) Education, 2) Employment, 3) Community Service, and 4) Personal Development.

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“If you had the opportunity to travel back in time and change the past, would you do it?” For the first two and a half years of my college experience I would have said yes. I have faced many challenges and stumbled countless times but recently, I have learned to see the beauty, growth and blessings in adversity.

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True power comes from standing
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Last semester I faced employment challenges which, like a domino effect, led to personal challenges. I worked as a pharmacy technician at CVS pharmacy which allowed me to get much needed experience in the health field, however the demands of my job often crowded my life so much that I barely had time to sleep, hang out with friends and even perform well academically. As the most recent hire, I felt a bit intimidated. I did not want to seem too demanding and high maintenance with a limited schedule. Although I emphasized that I was a full-time student, I would still find myself getting scheduled 20+ hours a week, way over the 12 hours and below I had initially requested. From August all the way to October I was the living, breathing, definition of stress. My energy levels showed it, appearance showed it and my performance in school showed it. The balancing act became too much to handle and I was on the brink of shutting myself off to the world and giving up. It was through this time that I learned the importance of coping mechanisms and stress relievers. I took up meditation, yoga and released energy and dance practice. Having a self-care regimen is an extremely important part of personal development because it is a moment for introspection and healing physically, mentally and spiritually. It was through one of my moments of reflection that I decided I had to effectively communicate with my bosses and be stern in my availability. Around mid-November, I sent them a letter detailing my situation and I was stern, yet respectful in my approach. To my surprise, they understood and one of them even pulled me aside during one of my shifts to make sure I was truly okay. I learned that communication is important
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