Challenges Of A President Essay

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The president’s role is a controlled state, providing that all the power is not rested in a singular persons hands. Regardless, the president still faces many challenges being the nation’s foreign diplomat, commander in chief of the armed forces, problem solver in fighting crime and reviving a failing economy. Ultimately he is responsible for the security and status of the American Republic. Be that the president is the single most identified man in connection to our political structure, he faces several obstacles that will either help or hinder his efforts to address the public concern and build a relationship with the citizens of the American Nation. With all that said, how much can we as the general public realistically expect from him, along with this can we say that he…show more content…
With the checks and balances system this could be said to be one of the obstacles that challenge the presidency. Article II of the constitution states the roles of the president and his respected duties; however these duties are left brief and indistinguishable. This has lead to numerous debates about the actual limits of the president’s power. Therefore without actually knowing his specific guidelines it would be difficult to address the public’s concern in a particular matter and build a relationship with them based of this obstacle. Another obstacle faced would be the close relationship the president must maintain with congress, for example; the president is the commander in chief of the military, but congress has the power to declare war. However, historically presidents have initiated war without congress approval. This, either impressed the citizens or, negatively had an impact on the presidents administration. The president can also reject a bill, known as a veto. Once more, congress can override this veto with a two-thirds vote in each house. This, again, can have a negative or positive
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