Challenges Of Being A Teacher

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Being a teacher implies big and lots of challenges, dedication, patience and hours of work. By the Oxford dictionary the definition of 'teacher ' is: "A person who exercises an art or science and teaches them, normally in schools or universities". So, being an English teacher, in my opinion is to teach the science of English, in spite of that, teaching English is a huge challenge, which involves the organization of society and how it affects the learning of students. So, the schools some students can attend to, conditionate the level of English they are exposed to, and because of that, I am going to be focused on teachers of public schools, and how they could overcome the challenge of teaching in schools where the level of English or the exposure to it, is not the best.
In Chile, the level of English is very bad. By a Cambridge University study, just 3% of the adult population in this country is able to understand an English TV show. It is important to mention that this kind of results and a bad level of English have its roots in schools because it is there where people learn and, at least, develop a basic basis of English. To take a closer look at schools ' results related to English, it is important to mention another study carried out by Cambridge University, which by a test given to Chilean students, between "8º Básico" and "1º medio", demonstrates that only 5%has an "intermediate" level of English.
Being an English teacher in this context could be very hard,

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