Challenges Of Conflict Management

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Question 1

Conflict can be beneficial as well as a challenge for the organization. It depends on the context and the outcome of the conflict. On the one hand, it helps in radical changes to be implemented. Healthy conflict should be always appreciated in the organization as it helps in changing the interactional pattern, power structures etc. It is very important in group behavior. It not only helps in group cohesiveness but also in group effectiveness. There have been many organizations failed because there was no conflict. No one was there to question the status quo resulting in negative results. On the other hand, there are various challenges that emanate because of the conflicts. It results in dissatisfaction, non-cooperation between subunits, aggression, strikes, and lockouts and many other challenges. Conflict is different than the competition as the conflict is destructive while competition is constructive. It is important for managers to develop teamwork and coordination and avoid internal conflicts. It is the duty of leadership and management to avoid the conflict between the team members and forge more and more cooperation to ensure that organization grows. Hence, conflict can be both good and bad depending on the context in which conflict has happened as well as the outcome of such conflicts.

Question 2
It is important for the team leader to establish cooperation between the team members it is important to use problem-solving style. It is important to

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