Challenges Of Environmental Pollution

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Over the years, there was no awareness about environmental pollution. People were unaware about the sources of environmental pollution and they did not know how to lessen it. Environmental pollution was creating diseases and problems for humans and water life. Wastage of human and industries was creating serious problems. But now, by the passage of time, steps are taken to prevent from this problem. Many organizations are working in rural and urban areas to aware people about the problems of environmental pollution and how can they participate in making their environment clean and healthy. These organizations provide guidance practical work to do. This report will demonstrate that how organizations are helping to better the quality of our environment and how industrializations, citizen and motorizations are trying to reduce the pollution. This report will discuss the problems caused by environmental pollution and solutions to reduce that problem. It will also describe challenges facing the environment pollution and the ways to accept the challenges. The methodology of this report is quantitative. Each and everything will be discussed in this way.
Environmental pollution
Environmental pollution is undesired elements in the environment which can create problems for a healthy life. Pollution effects important aspects of our life that are necessary for us like air, water etc. If these elements are not pure, how can we expect to live a healthy and pure life? Man had
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