Challenges Of Globalization And Westernization

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Globalization stands for that people around the whole world are gradually become more and more similar and the relations between countries are closer. (Steger, p.17) Americanization refers to the fact that people become more and more similar to the united states. Americanization and westernization can be seen as an essential part of the process of globalization. Cultural globalization refers to the increased mobility and expansion of global flows in the worldwide. (Steger, p.81) Currently, we share the same movie; watch the same advertisement; wear same brand’s clothes and enjoy the same food in the process of globalization (Steger, 2017, p.88). The internet brings a new lifestyle to people (Zhang, 2008, p.734). Even today’s festivals are more numerous, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day and Christmas Day have caught up with Chinese Spring festival.…show more content…
Globalization is a double-edged sword. We should seriously consider both sides of globalization. Once we catch up the opportunity and deal with the challenges. We can get the upper hand in the competition. Globalization may become the potential threaten for traditional regional cultures and economics, in particular, the Chinese economy is in transition. (Zhang, p.740) On the other hand, globalization not only promotes the cooperation between countries, enforced the communication between the human beings and the world, (Zhang, p. 739) but also create the opportunities for the development of modernization. Therefore, local culture has absorbed the global culture and to achieve the goal of development itself. In other words, the global culture would not harm the local

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