Challenges Of Living With Adhd Essay

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Living with ADHD, I face many obstacles in my life regarding school, work, extracurricular activities and in other aspects of my life. I was officially diagnosed with ADHD when I was in the seventh grade, but despite the diagnosis later in my life, I always experienced difficulty involving school. The main challenges I face include my homework, especially if it is an assignment I have received in advance. When it comes to working on my homework, I am never able to sit down and finish it; I am always bouncing around from subject to subject. Because of the constant bouncing around while doing my homework, the biggest problem that I face with my ADHD arises, disorganization. Because my mind is moving at such a rapid pace, I never clean up my materials…show more content…
I believe that my ADHD creates challenges in my job such as getting off track, not always finishing everything assigned to me, and the tendency to talk with my coworkers instead of doing my job. Despite the challenges I face in the work environment, I have to give myself reminders on what I am supposed to be doing and try to make more of an effort to get my job done. In addition to the obstacles I face in the work environment, ADHD provides additional obstacles in the relationships that I have with my family and friends. I do not share the fact that I have ADHD with my friends and that I need to take medicine just to feel and operate normal, so I occasionally feel alone or bad about my schoolwork knowing that I have to work harder for the grades I receive. Similarly, issues arise within my family because my parents have the tendency to get upset when I forget to finish my chores, or my desk is a mess and unorganized. These issues have somewhat resolved since I began taking medication, but they are still prevalent. Despite the many challenges I face because of my ADHD, I am still learning how to adapt to the obstacles that arise. I have learned to join clubs and extracurricular activities that I enjoy and which help express my thoughts and

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