Mathematics Related Discipline Essay

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Provide a critical assessment of the prospect and challenges of mathematics on mathematics related discipline (Mathematics Economics) among students

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Student perceptive of the discipline

Challenges of mathematics /Mathematics related discipline (Mathematics Economics).

Ways to overcome challenges of mathematics /Mathematic related discipline
(Mathematics Economics)

Economics is the queen of social science and Mathematics Economics is the soul as it explains how people interaction in relations to the realities in the society ranging from human behaviour , price , income and to the micro and macro section of an economy Most often than none economic and mathematics economics are considered
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Most Mathematics /Mathematics related class are often over crowded.

Ways to overcome challenges of mathematics /Mathematics related discipline (Mathematics Economics) .
• Student should be allow to come up with creative /different ways of solving mathematics related questions as against the general rule.
Learning aids should be introduce, made available to hence learning and the learning environment needs to well manage in such a way that student participate in the learning process ( take practice questions )
• Teachers should be trained and retrained especially expose to the world of technology as how it affect the discipline (Teachers with in-depth knowledge and skills of mathematics should be employed).
• Teachers should try and simplify technical language of disciple that might confuse student
• Emphasis should be placed on understanding and not cramming the procedure or step in attempting mathematics questions
• Mathematics is not song, fashion or super story series, student should be willing to take up more practice questions and be active and concentrate to overcome failure in mathematic related
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