Medicalization In Medical Sociology

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Medicalization is the process by which nonmedical problems become defined and treated as medical problems, usually in terms of illness, disorders and syndromes. It is a major concept within the subfield of medical sociology. Natural childbirth is a philosophy of childbirth that is based on the belief that women who are adequately prepared are innately able to give birth without routine medical interventions. In this paper, the impacts of medicalization on childbirth and the problems come with it will be analyzed. Lastly, the challenges to medicalization will also be discussed.
Impact 1: Childbirth moves to the hospital
Historically, most women gave birth at home without any medical intervention. In the last thirty years, experiences of childbirth
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Social control is the process by which society ensures adherence to societal norms and thus promotes conformity (Conrad & Schneider, 1992). The control dynamic in the doctor-patient relationship in the birth model is affected by the professionalization of medicine. Some examples of this increasing formal social control can be seen in the history of the birth model: the alteration of the female midwife to the obstetrician; the establishment of various institutions surrounding medicine such as the hospital and doctor 's routine use of medical technology for the check up of the pregnant women. Within this dynamic, doctors are respected professionals and the patient rarely questions their…show more content…
While associated with beeping, innovative machines, she would puff and push as per the specialist 's guidelines. After writing this paper, I do learn a lot that I have not thought so deep before, and I have written on the above. I also have some additional feeling and thoughts: women prioritize their child 's and their own security exceedingly and stress over losing control, so administrations offering high rates of straight forward birth with ensured maternity care throughout labour are important. What is known about women 's wishes and fears should also be addressed, so that women centered, clinically effective services can be developed. Childbirth should be part of a respectful relationship whereby both views are respected to create a final outcome that empowers the woman, ensures a safe birth for the baby but with the help of the health
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