Challenges Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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The epic “The Odyssey” by Homer, tells the journey of Odysseus and his crew as they tried to find there way home. Their journey was very difficult and took place over many years. Odysseus and his crew face many challenges and obstacles, and he had to make many difficult decisions. Just like Odysseus, I will encounter temptation and make difficult decisions on my journey throughout life. Like Odysseus I will face many challenges regarding curiosity. Odysseus is challenged by curiosity many times, a major one being the time he explored the island of the cyclops. Odysseus explored the island just out of curiosity and it ended up hurting him in the end. I have already faced many challenges regarding curiosity and I think I will continue to encounter similar problem. I am very curious about the world around me and I would much rather travel and explore the world then work on school, but getting an education is very important to me. Another challenge I might face is the idea of greed. Odysseus face the problem of greed when he encounters circe. In life money is considered very important and can cloud your judgment.…show more content…
I’ve already encountered it in high school, my friends getting in the way of school work which in the ends hurts my GPA. Odysseus constantly faces challenges involving people trying to stop him from achieving his goals, including the lotus eaters and the sirens. Also when i grow up want to be a teacher, but i've had multiple people question my dream and try to push me towards a different career . This also ties into the idea of loyalty, if these people really care about me they should support whatever I choose to do with my life. The idea of loyalty is shown in “The Odyssey” in many ways including Odysseus’s wife penelope continued to be loyal to him the whole time he's gone, and Odysseus's crew is very loyal to their well-trusted
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