I Want To Be In Africa Essay

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Africa is a vibrant continent. It is said to have the most resources when compared with other continents. Most of the countries in Africa are developing countries. A few of them are stable but others are in the process of building their countries.
Africa is known for its wonderful and friendly people, spectacular sites, amazing wildlife, good climate, mind blowing adventures, captivating history, mouthwatering traditional foods, natural resources, safaris, and great beaches. Africa is also faced by challenges which are the major reason for slow growth. Poverty is one of the diseases that Africa suffers from.
Other challenges that Africa go through are Poor leadership, corruption, lack of education, poor health care, gender imbalance, and
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When they warn you about something, do not be stubborn. Do as you are directed and your stay in Africa will be epic. Make sure you don’t put yourself in any danger especially with the authorities. Know exactly the kind of situation to expect and prepare for it.
• Get immunized
That’s right. Get those painful shots. Find out which vaccinations are required for your travelling destination and get immunized. This prevents you from contracting diseases and also keeps you safe just in case there is an outbreak of a certain disease. It also helps you stay healthy during your trip so that you can utilize your time fully and enjoy the trip as well.
• Learn about your volunteering services
Get to know what you require while volunteering. Know the places you will visit and the situation of the communities you will interact in. Get information about drinking water and sanitation. Do not forget the first aid kit or any medication that you will need. Ensure you have all the supplies before you depart for Africa.
• Trust your organization and their

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