Challenges Of William The Conqueror

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William the Conqueror The Anglo-Saxon period lasted just over 600 years, starting from the year 449 to 1066. Throughout the Anglo-Saxon time period many great leaders controlled the lands. One leader from this time period was William the Conqueror. William left a mark on the land he controlled that could be felt by generations to come. Although he had a profound legacy William the Conqueror’s early life had many conflicts, William the Conqueror’s had to show how worthy of an opponent he is and his death was unexpected, but even through the cold grasp death, he still lives on. William the Conqueror faced many challenges during his rise to power. The challenges he faced started the day he was born, “He was born in Falaise in 1028- his parents were unmarried” (Lords and Ladies). This posed a problem because being a child of an unmarried couple made you illegitimate and a mistake rather than a new life brought into the world. Being illegitimate did not stop William from being duke because he became duke at the mere age of eight (The History Learning Site). Becoming Duke of Normandy sounds great and all, but did you stop to think how an eight year old attained this role. William the Conqueror’s Dad died coming back from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem (English Monarchs). This means William had a tough start being a child Duke because his father died and most people did not want him to become ruler. At this point in life William had to grow up fast because the barons were constantly

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