Pixar Challenges

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Pixar started its career as a computer-animated movie production company. All of Pixar’s stories, worlds, and characters were created internally by their own community of artists. As a result, Pixar has produced 8 blockbuster movies in the following 13 years. Subsequently, in 1990, Pixar became the leading technological primary company in computer animation. In 2006, Pixar merged with the Walt Disney Company. There are several fundamental challenges that Pixar is facing as a creativity-based company. First, Pixar needs to constantly producing animated movies in order to maintain their reputation and existence. Therefore, the challenge is that creativity must be present at every level of artistic and technical part of the team and it is hard to manage creativity of 200-250 employees. In order to overcome the first challenge, Pixar came up with an open culture of getting the employees to speak out their opinions and suggestions. However, this culture is actually triggers another fundamental challenge in which the employees are often felt intimidated and lack of confidence to speak out their ideas and suggestions. Other fundamental challenge occurs in the process of combining art into technology. It is not easy to getting people in different disciplines to treat one…show more content…
First one is “everyone must have the freedom to communicate with anyone”, because the most efficient way to deal with numerous problems is to trust people to work out the difficulties directly with each other without having to check for permission. Second principle is “it must be safe for everyone to offer ideas”, Pixar make a concerted effort to make it safe to criticize by showing what they liked and did not like with the explanation why. The third principle is “we must stay close to innovations happening in the academic community” in order to reinforce the mind-set to improve their
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