Challenges To Learn English

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To begin with, I am not a quitter and I have always loved a good challenge. I believe that I am the kind of person who does not give up easily. I love facing challenges because overcoming challenges makes me stronger. Every person has to face some challenges, but not every person is able to overcome these challenges. I faced some difficulties in order to eventually become a successful person and to learn English. My father studied in the United States and I have always wanted to be like him. I have always seen my father as my inspiration to learn a second language. There are two important challenges that I faced in order to learn English and that certainly made me stronger: the attitude of my rude friend, and my foreign language. With no doubts, learning a second language remains extremely useful for the modern youth. It opens a door to a wide range of opportunities and acquaintances. It is not a problem anymore to travel to any country and feel comfortable when, for example, you got lost or just want to order food in the restaurant. Also, contemporary employment market provides with a sufficient number of career opportunities where English is a strict requirement. English is spoken all over the world and hence helps to be more sensitive to cultural differences ("50 Reasons You Should Learn a New Language"). As I mentioned previously, my…show more content…
He began to learn English far before me and perpetually tried to correct me when I spelled a word improperly or used unsuitable time form or article. His nature both put me out of temper and motivated me at the same time. I wanted to prove myself that I was no worse than him and can eventually become even better. Fortunately, with a course of time, due to constant practice, the priceless help of my teachers, father and my inner urge to study, that happened and made me far stronger than I was
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