1.1 Explain The Importance Of Challenging Behaviour In Schools

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Challenging behaviour is a problem that teachers face regularly in their settings. According to Fox, Dunlap, Hemmeter, Joseph and Strain (2003), the best way to solve problem behaviours is by encouraging social and emotional development. Hemmeter, Ostrosky, and Corso (2012) suggest that these skills are important because children who can express their emotions appropriately can also find effective ways to solve problems they encounter socially and are less likely to display challenging behaviours. These skills as essential for school, as they support friendship, emotional literacy, assist with problem-solving, collaboration and anger management. It also helps to recognise others emotions, supports self-regulation. Social competency lays the foundation for future interactions and help find appropriate…show more content…
These strategies are better-implemented when teachers give specific instructions and feedback which are introduced into daily routines without being intrusive or interrupting play. With time the number of prompts should reduce along with teacher involvement. The level of prompts would depend on the individual child and their ability. They may even require by breaking down prompts into steps. The fourth level of planning can then target intervention which will focus on children who do not respond to the supports provided by the other three levels and require that additional assistance. This will focus on the individual child’s behaviour and the intent of it. The child then will be taught skills which will assist with replacing these unsavoury behaviours to positive ones The small and consistent changes can assist with the development of social skills. One has to remember that social competency is not based on the number of friends a child has but based on how they engage socially. It is important to know the individual child and respect their
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